We are "Alive 'n Well" Foundation
A California Charitable Non-Profit Association

After over 34 years of being charitably associated with so many of you across our nation, to Japan, England & beyond,  will you 'Pay it Forward' & also allow us to continue to serve you in some truly Extraordinary and Unique ways?  From Maine, Tennessee, Hawaii, Florida, New Hampshire & California it's been a privilege to serve you all!

We welcome you and yours to be a part of being truly well, Alive 'n Well! Let food be our medicine, use stress management, etc. We continue to provide courtesy consultations, with our Doctor, we are preparing to support a full Health Retreat one day soon! See our Mission Statement: click on ABOUT @ Http://alivenwell.us
Please know that a 'Beautiful Life' can be restarted at Bella Vita Lifestyle Center, which is a truly  amazing program! Here is a convenient Link to them: Http://modernmanna.org & Danny Vierra's wife's @ https://www.facebook.com/BellaVegan. Health Reform is necessary & we believe, together, that it's time has come, now...
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Would you kindly join in Support of our Vision with Checks made to: 'Alive 'n Well Foundation' or Credit Cards our Donate Page w/ PayPal
P.O. Box # 162755, Sacramento, California 95816