Everything that is done in the world is done by hope.

"Alive 'n Well" 

Hope & Support


Would you please consider your entire Life Experience... What portion could you bring? We  welcome you to Apply to add to our Team of Volunteer Expert Instructors, Students, etc. to be gaining Certificates & College Credits for our efforts towards others, with Compensation through Grants in time...

"We  cried that we had no shoes, until we saw the man who had no feet..."

We're "Alive 'n Well" Foundation of Hawai'i, bringing the Aloha wherever possible, with a Vision & Mission that has no limit. First Thing: We have helped so many to be Free from Tobacco and Smoking of Everything.  We will give you simple ways to immediately find relief and gradually decrease the body's craving for these Noxious Poisons. Your lungs and entire system could begin to recover and be strengthened as each minute passes, all from simple ways we make FREELY Available!

*Begin by having a sturdy Straw that you will be chewing on, taking out any frustration on that little hand-held item*